Patent translation

Patent translation
The patent application document is an important carrier of the core idea and implementation of an invention, including the invention patent application, abstract, abstract drawings, description, claims, etc. Professional high-quality patent translation is of decisive significance to whether the patent can finally be authorized. The Willingjet patent translation team has intellectual property background, industry technical knowledge, legal knowledge and high-level language ability experts to provide you with high-quality patent translation services.

Patent translation advantage Twenty years of experience in the translation industry has selected outstanding patent translation teams in multiple fields. They not only possess rigorous and accurate professional characteristics, but also have professional knowledge in the target field and legal knowledge base in the target area. These professionals with combined legal and language capabilities Translators are the cornerstone of providing international patent translation services in many fields.
Senior translation review team: Senior industry linguists and patent translation experts in professional fields provide strong terminology support, and at the same time strictly review the completeness of the patent translator's translation, the accuracy of content and terminology, and whether it meets the national submission requirements;
Perfect translation process: The patent translation process is standardized and rigorous, and all the processes of "pre-translation preparation + translation + editing + technical proofreading + DTP typesetting + review" are implemented, and CAT tools and Plunet project management tools are used to ensure the implementation of the process and the quality of the entire set of translations;
Translator shared Groupshare CAT:​​​​​​​ With the help of Groupshare CAT translation system, the multi-field corpus of patents can be accumulated, and the previously translated texts can be stored as reusable segments. Shorter delivery time in projects;

Areas of expertise in patent translation
Chemistry, Physics, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering
Necessities of human life, operation/transportation, textile/paper making, fixed buildings